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We work in teams.
Teamwork requires clear communication

You have to communicate with many different roles.

Most problems in working with people are rooted in bad, unclear, ambiguous or missing communication.

Written documents are precise, but hard to process for the human brain.

Diagrams are a direct connection to our perception and allow us to communicate clearly, so readers will understand and remember.

I will help you to

draw beautiful
diagrams quickly
Make your audience
understand you in seconds
Become a (better)
Software Architect

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What you do is complex.

Communicating your ideas is even worse.

“Writing documentation is tedious and a waste of time.”

“Nobody is paying attention. They don’t read my texts and don’t remember anything.”

“It’s hard to get started with diagrams.”

“Creating well-structured diagrams is time-consuming.”

You deserve efficiency in your communication.

Stop writing paragraphs that are seldom read, often misunderstood and hard to remember.

Learn to create beautiful diagrams quickly and so your audience will understand you in seconds.

See how it works

Bring clarity to your communication
with 3 simple steps.

Introduction to
Software Architecture Diagrams

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Without an engaging communication style,
you will have a hard time
becoming a Software Architect

Just like Gregor Hohpe wrote, one of the essential skills of a Software Architect is to have an engaging and approachable communication style. Diagrams are a crucial ingredient in my approach to have engagement and clarity. They will also help you to become a (better) Software Architect.

I see diagrams as marketing material for technical ideas. I make them beautiful, clean, and tailored to the story I want to tell to my audience.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked as a Software Architect and consultant with small startups and global companies like adidas to help them implement their business ideas. I supported them with creating technical plans and guiding their development teams through projects.

Proudest, I am about the success we had with Runtastic. They got acquired by adidas in 2015 for €220 million.

Investing time in creating diagrams never failed me, and I think it never will.

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