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You will get a selected set of shapes that will free you from the overwhelming possibilities of available shapes and icons.

They are available in the color palette used in the other features.


Default styles are configured, so you don’t need to worry about consistency.

Additionally, you can use the styles with any shape available in diagrams.net.


To get started quickly, you can use templates of complete systems or use smaller arrangements like legends and services.

Let me know if you miss something, I’m happy to add more templates.

Animations (coming soon)

Diagrams are great to hook into the perception of your audience. Animations are even better to tell stories.

LaMotion is a plugin for diagrams.net that I’m working on. It will help you to create animations like the one you see in the video in no time.


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Check out this GitHub repository to take a look at the raw code.


You are welcome to create feature requests there.

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Tools are great, but knowing how to use and apply them makes all the difference.

In software engineering, you have to communicate with many different roles.

Most problems in working with people are rooted in bad, unclear, ambiguous or missing communication.

Written documents are precise, but hard to process for the human brain.

Diagrams are a direct connection to our perception and allow us to communicate clearly, so readers will understand and remember.

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